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(PDF) Installing Koha on Windows XP | Amandeep Kapila

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Yes, it is possible to install and run Koha on a Windows platform. Windlws three of these supporting programs have distributions for Windows and are not hard to install.

And they are all available without cost, just like Koha. A Windows install package is available for Koha that installs all the Koha files to the proper locations, installs required Perl modules, and handles necessary basic configuration to be able to run Koha with sample data. If you are willing to read and follow some simple instructions, it’s not very difficult. To be clear, it is not yet as simple as a single install.

But it no harder than tor on a Linux box. You need to perform four separate wondows as follows:. Detailed instructions are provided for each khoa.

Carefully follow the instructions as you do each install, and you should end up with a working version of Koha running with sample data. Each of the four installs koha for windows free download free an uninstall option. If you evaluate Koha and decide it’s not for you, you can uninstall it from your system. The basic program runs fine on Windows.

However, there is one important feature that doesn’t work yet. The Z This is due to a required underlying Event module that hasn’t been successfully ported to Windows yet. There may be a work-around, but it hasn’t been tested.

See the ‘Want to Help? We’d like to make the following improvements to Koha on Windows. Can you help us figure out to do any of the following? If so, please submit the solution to koha for windows free download free AT lists.

Get the Z Do you know how to make Koha function when Perl is installed to some other location? I don’t think symlinks are supported on Windows. Improve freee sample data set included dowlnoad the install. Or provide a sample data set in another language. Two of the required supporting programs are supplied as Dkwnload Installer.

The Windows Installer engine must be present in the operating system before a Windows Installer. If you are installing on Windows 98, do not use V2.

See KohaWin Installation for install instructions. The older version 3 has been around for quite some time and version 4 was released this spring The Frre windows install has been tested with both versions, so either one eindows be ok. The recommended install package that you should download is mysql Look under the Windows downloads section for V4. Some newer alpha or development releases may be available, but you should stick with a stable production release and not try an alpha release.

Click the download link. You will be asked to register, but note that registration is NOT required to download – you can choose to skip it. The Koha W32 install packages now include the necessary Perl modules for both V5. See KohaWin Installation for detailed install koha for windows free download free. It is not necessary to download any additional Perl modules.

The Koha W32 installs include all necessary Perl modules for both V5. Koha Ссылка на подробности install packages are available for both a V1 frre production release and a V2 pre-release that still koha for windows free download free some bugs, but is klha far from a stable wwindows.

The V1 release probably won’t be supported much longer, so your best choice is probably the V2 prerelease, especially if you just want to do a ioha installation to check out Koha’s capabilities.

Koha V1. It is recommended that you try the latest release of Koha V2. Koha V2. On Windows 98, you will have to manually start Apache in a console window. There are usually two or more versions of Koha available for download. Some versions are wnidows release versions intended for actual production use.

Others are release candidates beta test versions intended for testing new features and helping the developers with debugging.

Take time to review the release notes перейти choose the version you want to test.

Evaluate Koha on a test machine, not on a production server. Even if you choose winndows stable version of Koha, the Windows install package referenced on downolad pages is still under development and should be considered a beta version. It is important at least for now that you install each of the following applications to the specified path dindows you want to be sure Koha will work without doing a lot of extra manual configuration. But for now, it may only work as specified. This is due to a required underlying Perl Event module that hasn’t been successfully ported to Windows yet.

See the ‘ Want to Help? See KohaWin Downloads page for fo links for all necessary programs. If you are not sure, just try doing Step 2. If it ,oha work, you need Step 1. Network Domain e. If not downloar of a domain, you can enter ‘ mydomain ‘ or some other text – it should not make a difference if you are running Koha on a stand-alone computer. For the Server name, enter the fully qualified domain name of your computer if it is part of a domain.

Otherwise, enter your computer name without the windowd. If you’re not sure, make something up and the Koha install should correct it for you. For the Administrator’s email address, enter an email address. I don’t think the email address is used by Koha. On the same dialog you’ll also have a choice of ‘for All users on port In all my testing, I chose the former, which is the default. Let the install complete and reboot if asked to do so.

Ror a Typical Install. Run the file you downloaded. Accept the default koha for windows free download free on the rest of the install dialogs. It is not necessary to install any additional Perl modules. The Koha Windows install includes the necessary Perl modules and will do that for you. If you have previously installed Koha using an install package provided here, consider uninstalling the old version especially if it was koha for windows free download free test version before installing a newer version.

First, stop the MySQL server and koha for windows free download free a backup of any data you want to keep. It is possible to install more than one version at a time and switch between them – see KohaWin Configuration for details. Run the Koha Windows install. If you get an error message about any of the required programs, it would be best to cancel the Windows Koha install and correct the problem before continuing. After a couple information dialogs, you’ll be asked if you want to do a Full or Custom Install.

You ffee choose to do a Full Install unless you are an experienced user and plan to manually configure all the programs to work together. On the Backup Replaced Dpwnload dialog, make a note of where backup files koha for windows free download free be stored in case you need to access them.

Continue and allow the install to complete. On Windows 98, be sure to reboot your computer when the installs are finished. If the traffic light is koha for windows free download free, the database is running.

You should get a DOS console window that needs to stay open but can be minimized. If the console window disappears after a brief moment, there is some problem with winodws Apache configuration. If you chose to do a full install of Koha, you should have two icons in your System Tray – one a Feather and the other a Traffic Light.



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