Industrial Fabrication

Industrial fabrication, also known as sheet metal fabrication, serves a variety of purposes within many different industries. From automotive to healthcare, food production, construction and everything in between, metal fabrication allows for the creation of equipment and machinery that’s essential to our everyday lives.

At Eckstrom, we specialize in providing reliable industrial fabrication services for all industries. We understand that the quality of the final piece depends on the materials and assembly process of its components. Our main goal is to support our clients by delivering custom pieces crafted to perfection combined with outstanding customer service every time.

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Industrial Fabrication Specialties

Whether you need a piece for one of your machines, a decorative piece, or safety features for a pedestrian area, Eckstrom can manufacture the exact part you need.

As one of the premier metal fabricators in the country, we have extensive experience collaborating with clients in the industrial sector. We have multiple fully-equipped shops and a highly skilled team of engineers, technicians, and other specialists that work together to produce the best results.

Some of the areas we specialize in include:


Large ornamental pieces can pull a room or exterior area together and work as a backdrop for executive events. Bringing a complex piece to life requires almost as much skill and artistry as the creation of the design and our team has decades of combined experience manufacturing the perfect pieces.

Whether you’re looking for a large logo for the side of a building, decoration for a fountain, or a hanging piece, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.


Buses, trains, and other vehicles contain a wide variety of functional accessories that improve functionality and ensure a safe ride for passengers and cargo. Many of these pieces need to be manufactured to each vehicle’s specifications, so having the right metal fabricator is essential for the overall performance of the vehicle.

Civil Engineering

Parks, food courts, and other public spaces need to be designed for the use of people of all ages. In addition to ensuring that the materials used are suitable, Eckstrom can assist by producing robust moving parts as well as static elements that are found throughout these areas.


All major enterprises have to meet a certain level of digital performance, so it’s important to have the right layout and cooling systems in place for your equipment. Our team has helped with the development of server racks, housing units that allow temperature regulation, and other essential parts of your IT infrastructure.

Food Production and Many More

Custom metal parts and machinery in general can be found in all major areas of the food production industry. Dairy, farming, and cattle raising operations use these custom pieces during the harvesting, processing, and production stages. Our team can manufacture metal parts made of stainless steel and other materials while following exact specifications to the tee.


Our Industrial Fabrication Services

Thanks to our multiple workshops, innovative equipment, and skilled team members, we can provide a collection of different metal fabrication services. Our engineers and technicians can provide support throughout every step of your project, from design right down to manufacturing and assembly.

Our shops’ capabilities include, but are not limited to:


The process of punching is simple, but it’s a crucial part of the development of many common goods. This metal fabrication process punches holes, lines, and other shapes through a piece of sheet metal. It’s suitable for a variety of materials and sheets with varying thicknesses, plus it’s a quick process that’s relatively affordable.


In simple terms, shearing means cutting through a piece of sheet metal using sharp blades. This process doesn’t form any chips or require any heat, and it’s commonly used to trim away excess pieces. Shearing is an extremely precise practice, so having a reliable metal fabricator can ensure the success of your project.

Press Brake

Many projects require the bending of sheet metal and our ultra-powerful press brakes allow us to do exactly that. Our technicians can bend sheet metal into a predetermined shape while guaranteeing extreme precision for the final outcome.


Our forming process allows you to alter the shape of metal sheets in order to produce the exact piece you need. We can provide custom parts that maintain their structural integrity, so contact us today if you want to learn more.

Custom Assembly

Once all parts have been manufactured, complex pieces need to be assembled with extreme precision. Eckstrom can seamlessly transition from one stage to another and provide custom assembly services for clients who want to receive the final piece.


If your project needs welding services, you’ve come to the right place. This process should only be performed by qualified specialists using quality resources to ensure the best results.

Welding is a crucial step in a wide variety of project and the bonds need to be strong enough to guarantee product performance.


For pieces that require fine finishing, having a reliable industrial grinding specialist can make all the difference. We can use our industrial grinder to ensure that all the parts you receive look, feel, and perform in a certain way.

Tank, Silo, and Hopper Manufacturing

Tanks can be used to store fuel, water, and other resources that support a business or community. In addition to being functional, tanks also have to be built with safety and reliability in mind.

Silos and hoppers are used for coffee production and in many other industries. We have decades of experience creating simple and complex hoppers and silos, so contact Eckstrom today if you need assistance with your next project.


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The metal fabricators are fundamental to the advancement and maintenance of dozens of other industries. We have a commitment with our clients and we pledge to deliver the best industrial fabrication services available, so contact Eckstrom Industries and our team will be glad to help.

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