Sheet metal fabrication utilizes a number of specialized pieces of equipment in order to accomplish various tasks. The following are some of the pieces of equipment used to fabricate sheet metal:

Power Shear

The power shear works by clamping down the selected material with a ram. Then the moving blade from the top comes down against the fixed blade to efficiently shear the material. This machine can be altered to adhere to bigger or smaller pieces of material necessary to complete a project. This is done by angling the shear, increasing or decreasing the amount of force required to completely cut through the material.

sheet metal fabrication equipment


Press Brake

The press brake is used in projects that require the bending of materials, which most commonly is sheet metal. It then forms preselected bends by binding the material to a matching punch and die.

press brake


Plasma Cut

Plasma cutting is the process of using a jet of hot plasma to cut through selected materials in a fashion that adheres to the specifications provided by a customer. This type of cutting is used mainly for fabrication and welding shops, and is heavily implemented in the industrial construction industry.

plasma cutter


Forming Equipment

Utilizing various pieces of specialized equipment, forming, or metalworking can be achieved very efficiently. Fashioning material through mechanical deformation, pieces of metal can be reshaped without changing the initial material used, leaving its mass unchanged but its structure permanently deformed.

Forming equipment