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Fabricator. Manufacturer. Distributor.

Eckstrom Industries, Inc, formed in 1929, is a fabricator, manufacturer, and distributor of corrosion resistant products to the Pulp and Paper, Food Processing and Chemical Industries.

Being a vertically integrated fabricator, manufacturer, and distributor we can provide you with many products and services from a single source, where normally you would have to draw from several vendors!

Fabricator. Manufacturer. Distributor.

metal finishing

Metal Finishing

We provide quality metal finishing options for your project’s unique requirements and are able to make it to your exact specifications.

steek blackening

Steel Blackening

We provide blackening capabilities for your project for the finishing touches it needs

industrial fabricators

Industrial Fabricators

Anything that you can make up, we can build. Brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, whatever the case, if you can put it on a set of blueprints chances are we can make it.

Plasma Cutting

We provide plasma cutting services for your sheet metal project.

stainless steel fabricators

Architectural Metalwork

At Eckstrom Industries, our team of engineers and technicians specializes in developing parts used in architectural metalwork projects. Thanks to our multiple shops and skilled team members, we have the ability to develop a huge variety of parts made from different materials. If you’re looking for a fabrication partner to help streamline your tenant improvement projects, contact Eckstrom today and our team will be glad to help.

sheet metal fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Eckstrom, we specialize in providing reliable industrial fabrication services for all industries. We understand that the quality of the final piece depends on the materials and assembly process of its components.

sheet metal cutting

Sheet Metal Cutting

Eckstrom Industries is capable producing a wide range of products for your sheet metal fabrication needs.

Sheet Metal Bending

Hire an experienced fabricator who provides sheet metal bending services to your exact specifications.

stainless steel

Stainless Steel Fabricators

Eckstrom Industries is uniquely qualified to handle all of your stainless steel fabrication needs.

Powder Coating Services

Our team of professionals provide powder coatings services that adds the finishing aesthetic to your project.

Coffee Roaster Equipment Fabrication

At Eckstrom, we specialize in manufacturing industrial coffee roasters for all purposes. Whether you’re a major coffee manufacturer or a chain of cafes looking for in-house roasting equipment, our team can help you find the best solution.

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