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Sheet metal cutting is a critical stage in the fabrication process of any sheet metal project. If you are looking for a dependable sheet metal cutting shop near you, contact Eckstrom Industries today. Our industry-leading metal fabrication shop has been providing sheet metal cutting services since 1929, so we have the track record, technology, and skills required to deliver high-quality metal cutting for your project. 

To learn more about our custom sheet metal cutting services, please contact us today.

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What Our Sheet Metal Cutting Service Offers

You deserve to partner with the best.

Here are some of the advantages Eckstrom Industries will bring to your sheet metal fabrication project: 


  • High Reputation

    Glowing online reviews and a good online reputation are all things to look for when choosing a sheet metal cutting service. When partnering with Eckstrom Industries, you are partnering with a well-established sheet metal company with a long work history and a deep reputation in your local community. 


  • Honesty

    You don’t want to encounter hidden fees or issues that delay your projects finishing date. Eckstrom Industries brings small-town values to the big city by ensuring that your estimates and communications with our company are straightforward and honest.


  • Training and Certification

    To secure top-quality sheet metal cutting services for your project, you need a company with the necessary certification and training programs for employees. Here at Eckstrom Industries, our specialized training processes ensure that generational knowledge stays in the family, which means our employees are constantly improving and honing their skills. 


  • Scalability

    Are you hoping to expand your company and production? If company growth is on your mind, make sure that the sheet metal cutting service you choose has the capability to expand with you. At Eckstrom Industries, our top-tier facilities are equipped with the technology necessary to easily scale production to meet the growing needs of your project.

We value quality workmanship and punctuality along with preserving good customer relationships. Working with Eckstrom’s team of sheet metal professionals ensures that your resulting product is one stands the test of time.

sheet metal cutting

Our Custom Sheet Metal Services

Here at Eckstrom Industries, we have a skilled team of sheet metal cutting professionals. We offer custom sheet metal cutting services and project estimates. 

We have a versatile team of sheet metal cutting specialists who are able to tackle any project that comes our way. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of different industries, so we feel confident that no matter your trade or company mission we’ll be able to help you.

If you have any questions about our sheet metal cutting services or how we can help you take your project to the next level, give Eckstrom Industries a call today.

Our Sheet Metal Cutting Shop

Eckstrom Industries has been offering custom sheet metal cutting services to businesses since 1929. We are a trusted sheet metal cutting and fabrication company that is committed to quality work and professionalism. If you would like to see what our sheet metal cutting shop can do for your project, give us a call today.


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