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Eckstrom Industries has prospered as a trailblazing force since 1930. Our history began in the heart of Everett, where Andy and Tom Eckstrom established the company. Tom helped us grow, and with three buildings, we became Eckstrom Industries, Inc. Jerry Spangler and Tom Eckstrom Jr. took us into uncharted territory by introducing pipe, pulp mills, and architectural metalwork. As the fourth generation takes leadership today, we continue to value quality and innovation. Join us as we shape the future of fabrication, a journey that will be fuelled by experience and quality. Together, with your vision and our skill, we advance toward a promising future.

Finished metals like blackened steel can give your house, business, or factory a distinct appearance. This type of coating can improve durability and enhance the appearance of your pieces before installation. The processes for blackening steels may vary, but you need to find a reliable partner that produces the best results for your metal fabrication project.

At Eckstrom Industries, we specialize in a wide array of metal services. We’ve developed in-house techniques that help us ensure a fast turnaround without sacrificing the quality of our results, so contact us today to discuss your project.


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What is Blackened Steel?

Blackened steel is a term used to describe metal that has been finished with a specific chemical compound. This ECKSTRA-BLAK process is primarily done on Ferrous Metals such as Hot-Rolled Mild Steel. Eckstrom Industries also performs a patina process that is primarily done on Non-Ferrous Metals including copper, brass, bronze, etc.

There are many benefits to blackened steel, including:

Protection Against Corrosion

We utilize a proprietary blackening sealer that contains the chemical process that occurs in the metal once introduced to the blackening chemical; and provides mild protection against corrosion, making it ideal for architectural metalwork projects.


Blackened steel has an edgy, sophisticated look. This is one of the reasons blackened metals are extremely popular. In addition to looking luxurious, this process also reduces light reflection and is resistant to heat, so it can be used for indoor and outdoor elements.

Suitable for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Purposes

One of the best parts of metal blackening is that this process is suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. Whether you’re looking for stair railings, a business sign, or a decorative piece for your facility, our blackened steel experts will be glad to help.

Our Specialized Approach to Blackened Steel Services

Eckstrom Industries distinguishes itself by providing superior blackened steel finishes using a specific approach. Our process is adapted to fit the requirements of a variety of projects, setting us apart in the market. We have a lot of experience and a dedication to innovation.

  • Customized Approaches: Every job is handled differently. Our skilled team adjusts blackening processes to properly meet the needs of your steel components.
  • Accurate Execution: Every stage is carried out with great accuracy, resulting in a faultless final product, from meticulous preparation through mechanical polishing and the application of our signature blackening sealer.
  • Material Mastery: Our expertise covers a wide range of materials, whether it be ferrous metals that benefit from our specialized blackening process or non-ferrous metals that receive our patina treatment.
  • Aesthetics and Protection: Our protective clear sealer improves mild corrosion protection as well as aesthetics, making it a great option for architectural metalwork.
  • Quality and Efficiency: Our streamlined procedures provide prompt, dependable services without sacrificing the distinctive quality that distinguishes our work.
  • Versatility: We are capable of handling projects of various sizes, from small-scale tasks to major initiatives, demonstrating our adaptability.

Eckstrom Industries Steel Blackening Process

For your demands in metal fabrication, Eckstrom Industries has developed an effective process for blackening steel that ensures remarkable results. Our method uses certain procedures to produce the desired result:

  • Preparation: Prior to blackening, steel surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and meticulously prepared to achieve perfect adhesion and uniformity of the blackened finish.
  • Chemical Blackening: This process is used on ferrous metals, such as Hot-Rolled Mild Steel and involves submerging the components in a specific coating solvent. The metal’s surface reacts with the chemical immersion to produce a distinctive blackened appearance, which is precisely controlled to reach the desired blackened aesthetic.
  • Patina Process: To increase the variety of our products, we provide a specialized patina process for non-ferrous metals including copper, brass, and bronze.
  • Neutralization Process: To halt the blackening process, we use a special neutralization method.
  • Application of the Top Coat: The final step in our process involves applying a specific clear coat. This encloses the chemical process and provides mild scratch and corrosion protection, which is especially advantageous for architectural metalwork.

By carefully following these procedures, we consistently produce exceptional blackened steel products.

Discovering the Pros and Cons of Blackened Steel with Eckstrom Industries

Eckstrom Industries is a leading supplier of metal fabrication solutions. We believe in equipping our clients with thorough knowledge in addition to providing superior blackened steel services. Due to its distinct combination of aesthetics and usefulness, blackened steel has become more and more popular, making it a sought-after option for a variety of applications. We’re here to shed light on both the benefits and considerations related to this adaptable material so that you may make wise judgments.


Because of its many benefits, blackened steel is a common option for many applications.

  • Unique Aesthetics: The distinctive blackened finish gives architectural and ornamental elements a refined and edgy appearance.
  • Reduced Reflection: Blackened steel has a dark surface that reflects light less, making it perfect for settings where glare is an issue.


Despite its advantages, blackened steel has certain drawbacks as well:

  • Limited Protection: Although blackened steel gives minor corrosion resistance, it might not offer as much protection as other coatings, necessitating routine maintenance.
  • Scratch Sensitivity: Over time, the dark finish may become more prone to showing scratches and signs of wear.
  • Cost Considerations: Compared to other finishing techniques, blackening steel requires a specific procedure that could increase production costs.

Pioneering Blackened Steel Services


Trust Eckstrom Industries to be your devoted partner as you explore the countless possibilities of blackened steel. Our in-house experience guarantees that every project receives the utmost attention to detail and precision from conception to completion.
We work with you to bring ideas to life as your creative partner, not merely as a service provider. Additionally, we are extremely proud to be a Certified Women-Owned Business (WBE), which reflects our dedication to excellence and diversity.

Under the banner of Eckstrom Industries, join us as we create a future where innovation and elegance coexist harmoniously. Together, your concept and our well-crafted work redefine the potential of blackened steel.

Elevating Your Projects: Application of Blackened Steel

Eckstrom Industries is pleased to provide a full range of blackened steel services, all of which are managed in-house. Blackened steel is more than a substance; it is a declaration that combines beauty and toughness. Each job receives painstaking attention thanks to our experience with various metal kinds and blackening techniques. Every project is a top priority for us, and we work hard to meet deadlines with our quick and dependable metal blackening. Regardless of the size of the project, our capacity for all projects enables us to manage both complex details and bigger projects. Enhance railings, fixtures, signage, and more with the sophisticated edge of blackened steel, secure in the knowledge that Eckstrom Industries will carefully handle every stage of the procedure.

Why Choose Eckstrom for Your Blackened Steel Project?

Blackened steel is one of the most popular trends in the world of metal manufacturing and decorative accents. Our team of metal blackening experts can help finish any type of suitable metal and produce outstanding results every time.

If you need to blacken steel or any other metal for your next project, contact Eckstrom today and our team will be glad to help.

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