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Architectural metalwork professionals work alongside architects and interior designers to create the perfect space for their clients. Whether you are looking for a custom staircase, barstools, or light fixture, our architectural metalworks and metal fabrication shop can help you get the best product possible.


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Projects That Require Architectural Metalwork

Any custom commercial or residential furniture or equipment piece made of metal should be fabricated by an architectural metalworks shop. Whether you need a staircase, a shelf, a light fixture, a bartop, or a custom kitchen piece, you should have your project done by an architectural fabrication company.


architectural metal fabrication


Here at Eckstrom Industries, we offer custom architectural metalwork fabrication for businesses and homeowners. We want to help our clients get the best products for the best price and quality. We understand all of the nuance and technicalities of custom fabricated architectural metalwork pieces and want to help you accomplish your desired interior. 

If you have any questions about our architectural metalwork capabilities, contact Eckstrom Industries today.


The Benefits of Working With a Custom Architectural Metalworks Shop

Working with an architectural fabrication shop enables you full creative freedom when it comes to designing your architecture project. Your vision and aesthetic tastes paired with the expertise of professional metalworks architects will produce an entirely customized space. 

Another benefit of partnering with an architectural metalworks shop is that it means you can optimize your space for your practical needs. Metalworks architects are able to tailor your designs to perfectly reflect not only your interior design needs but also your functional needs. Practicality is essential in both home and business designs and having a space that is suited to meet all of your needs, while still being aesthetically pleasing, is something that an architectural metalworks shop can give you. 

Also, working with an architectural metalwork fabricator means that your custom-designed furniture or equipment is assembled with care and built from quality materials. Products made by custom architectural fabricators are created with quality materials and artisan techniques. By working with an architectural metalworks shop, you can rest easy knowing that your final product is going to stand the test of time. 


Contact a Custom Architectural Fabrication Shop Near You Today

Eckstrom Industries has been in the architectural metal fabrication industry since 1930. We’ve created and refined business practices and fabrication techniques that have allowed us to build a successful company with a solid reputation. 

Our team of architectural metalworks fabricators would like to help you perfect your vision and create a custom project that lasts. If you would like to discuss your project with professional architectural fabricators, contact Eckstrom Industries. We’d be happy to work out the details of your project and start working on a custom quote for you.

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