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Powder coating is the process of applying a protective layer to a finished part. A powder coat can help prevent corrosion and improve the appearance of materials prone to rusting in your metal fabrication project.

At Eckstrom Industries, we partner with reliable powder coaters in Washington and throughout the United States. Our decades spent in fabrication have enabled us to assemble a trusted network of expert powder coating vendors, who we work with to provide powder coating services to our clients. 

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Quality Powder Coatings for Your Parts

Applying quality powder coatings is a great way to improve your parts’ durability, performance, and appearance. Also called a powder coat, this protective layer can be made from different materials that are applied through a dry process using an electrostatic charge. The parts are then heated in a curing oven to ensure the coating adheres to the parts you surfaces that need coating.

Our Powder Coating Services

Eckstrom Industries partners with the top-rated powder coating contractors in the region to offer our customers high-quality powder coat services suitable for all types of metal and various other materials. Our long history in the industry means we understand the equipment and skills necessary to guarantee great results and we put this knowledge to work when choosing the perfect powder coating vendor for your project. 

Types of Powder Coatings

The trusted powder coating technicians we work with have experience with all types of projects and coats. With their help, we have the capacity to handle large industrial powder coating jobs as well as smaller-scale residential or commercial projects.

There are many different types of powder coats you can choose from, but most of them can be categorized into epoxy and polyester.

Materials We Work With

Our powder coating services are ideal for both thermoset and thermoplastic materials. That said, both of these have slightly different properties, so it’s important to understand these unique characteristics before making a choice. Our team can help you make the right decision based on your specific requirements.

We’ve spent years building strong relationships with powder coating manufacturers to deliver the best results to our customers. If you want to find out more about our powder coating services, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.

Advantages of Working with Eckstrom Industries

Hiring a powder coating company is not always easy, especially if you want a fast turnaround without affecting quality. Eckstrom Industries is committed to finding quality coatings for every single client, so we take the time to understand your project to determine the best approach.

Some of the benefits of working with Eckstrom include:

Superb Quality

Our residential, commercial, and industrial powder coating services focus on quality above all else. Eckstrom clients can rest assured that they will receive quality parts made from durable materials that are finished with the best coating. If you’re interested in learning more about our powder coat services contact us today.

Fast Turnaround

In addition to our close link with the top powder coat manufacturers, we’re also proud to deliver powder coating services with a fast turnaround. Thanks to our long work history with powder coating vendors in the region, we’ve fine-tuned the process of transferring parts between our facilities, ensuring that you always get your parts on schedule. 

Large Capacity Suitable for All Projects

Whether you only need to finish a few small parts or if you’re looking for industrial powder coating, our expert partners have enough capacity to handle projects of all sizes. This makes us your one-stop-shop for powder coating services in Washington and the US as a whole.

Contact Eckstrom to Learn More About Our Powder Coating Services

Choosing the best provider for your powder coat requirements is not always easy. Eckstrom Industries and our trusted partners specialize in providing fast and reliable powder coating services and other metal finishing services that yield superb results.

If you want to learn more about our services, contact our team of powder coating specialists and we’ll be happy to assist.


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