Metal Graining Services


Here at Eckstrom Industries, metal graining is our specialty. Our dedication to this complex trade has allowed us to have a significant impact on the metal finishing industry.

Metal graining is more than a technique; it’s a tasteful fusion of creativity and skill that turns joint metal surfaces into extraordinary works of art.

We know the significance of authenticity, texture, and pattern in metal graining. It’s not just about beauty; you also want to give your metal surfaces more personality and depth.

We can help you realize your vision, whether to create distinctive, original patterns or emulate the timeless beauty of wood grains.

With Eckstrom Industries, uncover the actual meaning of metal graining.

Metal Graining Services

What is Metal Graining?

A specialized finishing method called metal graining has become increasingly popular in several industries, including interior design, architecture, and more.

It entails painstakingly applying textured patterns to metal objects’ surfaces to give them a more complex look and feel.

Enhancing the Appearance and Personality of Metal Surfaces


Our specialty at Eckstrom Industries is metal graining, and we provide our customers with the chance to enhance the appearance and personality of their metal surfaces.

Understanding what “grain” in the composition of metals means is essential to mastering the art of metal graining. In their unprocessed state, metals are naturally crystalline or have grains.

These grains give the metal a directed pattern as they form during the solidification process. The strength and flexibility of the metal are significantly influenced by how these grains are arranged.

Creating and Modifying Grain Patterns


In essence, what we mean when we talk about metal graining is the process of either creating new grain patterns or modifying the ones that already exist. This process includes methods like sanding, brushing, or etching that affect the metal’s surface texture and, in turn, its look.

These methods offer countless design options by simulating the complex beauty of natural wood grains or creating unique patterns.

Metal Graining: Combining Creativity and Skill to Maximize Possibilities of Metal Surfaces

Accepting the idea of grain in metal composition allows us to customize the finish to the client’s specifications, producing surfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and strategically useful.

At Eckstrom Industries, metal graining—whether for decorative pieces, or architectural details—is a revolutionary process that combines creativity and skill to maximize the possibilities of metal surfaces.

Metal Graining Process

Metal graining is a multi-step artistic and laborious procedure that adds life to otherwise lifeless metal surfaces.

We’re proud of our proficiency with these procedures and ensure every metal graining job satisfies the highest requirements for artistry and aesthetic appeal.

Surface Preparation

Cleaning and preparing the metal surface is the first and most crucial step. Degreasing, rust removal, and thorough cleaning are frequently included to prepare the surface for graining.

Choice of Grain Pattern

Customers choose the texture or pattern that they like best. It might be anything from artistic, one-of-a-kind designs to imitating the beauty of wood grains. The decisions that come after this one influence the others.

Material Selection

Selecting a suitable abrasive substance is the next step. Depending on the desired finish, it can be sandpaper, wire brushes, or specialty abrasive instruments.

Texture Application

The metal surface is treated with the selected abrasive. Sanding, brushing, and other methods that develop or accentuate the grain pattern may be used in this process. This step’s depth and intensity can be changed to accommodate different design tastes.

Grain Direction

Care is taken to ensure that the grain direction complements the intended design and aesthetic. To create a unified appearance, this phase must be completed precisely and consistently.

Finish Application

To protect and improve the surface’s look, a finish is applied after graining. Depending on the project’s needs, these may comprise clear coatings or protective varnishes.

Quality Control

Strict quality control procedures are carried out to guarantee that the finished product lives up to the client’s expectations. This process entails checking for consistency, correctness of texture, and general aesthetic appeal.


Extra procedures can be required for distinctive and personalized designs. This can entail changing the finish to get the right patina or hand-detailing to add detailed details.

We alter metal surfaces meticulously and artistically, following these stages, resulting in beautiful, tactile finishes that are faithful to our client’s visions and visually captivating.

As metal graining is a craft, we take great delight in the uniqueness of each project and the meticulous attention to detail that distinguishes our work.

Applications of Metal Graining

Metal graining is used in a variety of industries. It gives texture to both the inside and outside of buildings, enhancing the attractiveness of architectural features like columns and railings.

Metal graining gives panels distinctive designs that improve the overall appearance of lobbies. Unique coatings on tables, chairs, and hardware enhance furniture and décor, while industrial equipment adds flair and practicality.

Metal graining is a technique artists use to create visually appealing textures in sculptures and artwork.

Elevate Your Metal Surfaces with Eckstrom Industries

In summary, metal graining is an artistic technique that can change the fundamental characteristics of metal surfaces. It is not merely a technical process.

We’ve perfected this technique at Eckstrom Industries, producing results that are unrivaled in a variety of industries, including furniture, and architecture.

We can produce surfaces that are aesthetically pleasing and interesting to the touch because of our dedication to accuracy, creativity, and a profound grasp of grain patterns in metal composition.

Whether your goal is to safeguard priceless goods, improve the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings, or create unique, original designs, our team has the expertise to realize your vision.

Get in touch with Eckstrom Industries to discover the transformative power of metal graining for yourself.

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