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Steel Metal Fabrication Services

Eckstrom Industries, established in 1930 by Andy and Tom Eckstrom, has grown into a titan in the steel metal fabrication industry. We’ve broadened our horizons while creating a history of innovation, guided by decades of leadership. 

Tom Eckstrom Jr. and Jerry Spangler added pipe & fittings, pulp and paper mills, coffee roasting equipment, and architectural metalwork to further diversify our capabilities. Our dedication to excellence and innovation is still present today, in the hands of the fourth generation. 

Come along on our journey of excellence in steel metal manufacturing in Everett, WA, where the old world meets the new.

Elevating Excellence at Eckstrom Industries

Excellence is not just a goal at Eckstrom Industries; it permeates every step of our sheet metal manufacturing process. We hold ourselves to the greatest standards, making sure that every action is a demonstration of skill, accuracy, and attention to detail. 

Every work is infused with an unrivaled level of passion by our skilled craftsmen, each of whom is an expert in their field. We rigorously follow strict quality control procedures because we are unwaveringly committed to quality and believe there should be no space for error.

Our team is the foundation of our business and is renowned for their professionalism and knowledge. 

Our quest for excellence is driven by their in-depth understanding of sheet metal fabrication processes and their unwavering passion for innovation. As we form part of our local union, our clients are assured that our employees have specialized training and certification.

We push the limits of what is possible in the field of sheet metal fabrication by transforming raw materials into works of art with the aid of cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge equipment.

Excellence isn’t simply a goal; at Eckstrom Industries, it’s a journey we take with each project. We take pride in providing results that are remarkable because we know that your vision deserves nothing less. Every aspect matters from conception to completion, and we are committed to making sure that each piece that leaves our shop is a tribute to the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Areas We Serve:

Everett | Bellevue

Our Perspective on Metal Steel Fabrication at Eckstrom Industries

At Eckstrom Industries, metal steel fabrication goes beyond simple procedures; it’s a complex mix of creativity, artistry, and accuracy. We see it as a transformational journey where raw materials are transformed into unique creations that represent creativity and tenacity. An uncompromising dedication to perfection, anchored in a tradition of generations-long workmanship, is what fuels this progress.

At Eckstrom Industries, metal steel fabrication is defined by our approach, which includes a thorough and complete methodology:

  • Material Selection: When selecting materials, our specialists take durability, aesthetics, and utility into account.
  • Cutting with Precision: Cutting with precision is made possible by cutting using advanced technologies like laser and waterjet cutting.
  • Forming and Bending: Materials are expertly shaped to fit specific geometries using methods like press brakes.
  • Welding and Joining: Skilled welders smoothly meld parts together to guarantee structural integrity.
  • Finishing: Surface polishing, grinding, and coating improve the appearance and toughness.
  • Quality Control: Before delivery, rigorous checks ensure that our stringent requirements are met.

Our strategy combines cutting-edge innovation with traditional craftsmanship to provide solutions that serve as examples of our principles and mission. Metal steel fabrication is a legacy that is still being developed at Eckstrom Industries, where knowledge, innovation, and technology are combined to create solutions that reflect our dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

Comprehensive Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

As the leading local source for superb, customized sheet metal fabrication, Eckstrom Industries stands with pride. Our extensive selection of specialized sheet metal services, including customized and precise work, is designed to meet a wide range of requirements, ensuring that every project receives the careful consideration and specialized knowledge it requires.

Even though the list below only demonstrates a small portion of what we can do, we are your flexible partner for all your sheet metal needs because our skills go much beyond what is shown here:

Sheet Metal Bending: Precision Craftsmanship

The art of sheet metal bending takes center stage after the initial cutting stage. We effectively shape metal to create the appropriate bends and curves using strong equipment such as press brakes, punches, and V-dies.

This procedure makes sure that every bend lines up perfectly with the shape you have in mind. Whether it’s a single bend or a complicated series of bends, our skilled craftsmen excel at this precise process, delivering accuracy and precision.

Sheet Metal Finishing: Melding Durability with Elegance

An essential component of our metal production process is sheet metal finishing. A careful protective clear coating strengthens durability.

It also increases corrosion resistance in addition to improving looks. Our expertly crafted pieces, which combine slick design with long-lasting quality, endure the test of time unlike unfinished goods.

At Eckstrom Industries, we take pleasure in providing top-notch metal finishing services that take the durability and appeal of your products to new heights. Our experience assures the ideal finish for your demands, whether it’s a decorative piece that needs eye-catching charm or a functional item that needs a robust finish.

Transforming Visions: Your Custom Sheet Metal Partner

Eckstrom Industries, your go-to custom sheet metal shop, bridges the gap between idea and reality. Our in-house service is a symbol of accuracy and reliability for a variety of projects, from mass manufacturing for businesses to one-of-a-kind designs for homeowners. As we expertly realize your designs, discover innovation and craftsmanship in every component. Join us as we travel the path of originality, dependability, and lasting excellence.

More Than Just A Metal Fabrication Company….

Eckstrom Industries is more than just a fabrication business; we are your creative partners. As a recognized women-owned company we combine innovation and history to create unrivaled sheet metal solutions. From innovative corporate initiatives to distinctive homeowner endeavors, our dedication to accuracy and artistry is evident. Witness the marriage of knowledge, trust, and creativity that characterizes each Eckstrom Industries creation by partnering with us now.

Together, let’s create the future. To improve your projects with excellent sheet metal fabrication, get in touch with Eckstrom Industries right away. Every piece we create embodies greatness, innovation, and unflinching dedication.