Coffee Industry

Service Overview

We are able to fulfill any demand created by any type of job within the coffee industry due to the size and machinery of our many shops.

Working for all types of customers in the field, we have and continue to supply the best product available which includes:

  • After burner design, fabrication and repair
  • Cooling tray and cooling tray discharge arm fabrication and repair
  • De-stoner design and fabrication
  • Air roaster repair
  • Hopper and silo design and fabrication including green whole bean storage, roasted whole bean storage and ground coffee storage
  • Rolling hopper storage including hoppers with nitrogen fill spargers for O2 control
  • Weight hopper systems for pre- and post-roaster storage
  • Slide gates (SS, MS, Round, Square or Custom)
  • Wye gates (SS, MS, Round, Square or Custom)

What Are You Looking To Accomplish With Your Project?