Coffee Roaster Equipment Fabrication


The quality of the coffee you produce is only as good as the roasting machine being used. Having the right coffee roaster can give you more control over the quality of each batch and improve the efficiency of your operation. Not only this, but there are many functional accessories that you also need to have in order to meet your clients’ growing list of demands.

At Eckstrom, we specialize in manufacturing industrial coffee roasters for all purposes. Whether you’re a major coffee manufacturer or a chain of cafes looking for in-house roasting equipment, our team can help you find the best solution. If you’re looking for repairs, accessories, or new coffee roasters, get in touch with our team and we’ll be glad to help.


Capacity to Fulfill Any Order for the Coffee Industry

After they are harvested, coffee beans undergo a variety of processes that end with the roasting process. At Eckstrom, we have decades of experience manufacturing equipment specifically for the coffee industry. Not only have we worked directly with companies that specialize in roasting, but we’ve also collaborated with other stakeholders in the world of coffee production.

In addition to roasting machines, our shops have the capacity to build supporting accessories that improve efficiency before and after the roasting process. If you are interested in learning more about ordering a commercial coffee roaster or any accessories, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.


How We Help Our Customers

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians collaborate on your project to ensure the final outcome exceeds your expectations. We’ve worked with clients who already have a design ready as well as companies that have only have a vague idea of what they need, so give us a call today and find out what we can do for your project.

In addition to coffee roasting machines, we can also help with:

Afterburner Design, Fabrication, and Repair

Fumes generated during the coffee roasting process can give the final product an unpleasant taste. An afterburner is a piece of equipment that produces enough heat to eliminate these fumes.


In addition to an industrial coffee roaster, an afterburner is a crucial part of any roasting operation. Our team can design and manufacture custom afterburners depending on size and other requirements, plus we can also repair damaged equipment manufactured by third parties.

Cooling Tray and Tray Discharge Arm Fabrication and Repair

The cooling tray and tray discharge arm need to work perfectly in order to avoid issues in the future. Eckstrom can also design, fabricate, maintain, and repair this part of your roaster to prevent an interruption in output.

Air Roasters and Destoners

Air roasters are an alternative to traditional drum setups and they bring their own set of benefits. As the name suggests, they use hot air to roast the beans allowing for better heat distribution and lowering the chance of exceeding your target temperatures.

Destoners help separate all foreign objects from the coffee beans before they enter the roasting machine. While it may sound simple, this step is crucial to ensure the purity of the ground coffee, so we aim to design quality destoners that successfully eliminate all debris from your beans.

Rolling Hopper and Silo Storage Design

Hoppers and silos are necessary for the storage and transportation of beans. Hoppers can be static or come on wheels to help move the product from one place to another. We can also manufacture custom storage silos for green whole bean, roasted whole bean, and ground coffee.

If you want to improve efficiency, our team can design weight hoppers that allow you to determine the weight per batch without adding another step in the process. As for quality, our rolling hoppers come with O2 control mechanisms that help maintain the quality of your crop.


The gates on your roaster need to be designed for safety while still maintaining functionality. Our slide gate designs and wye gate design come in SS, MS, Round, Square or Custom formats and our team can help you choose the best option depending on your equipment.


Benefits of Working with Eckstrom

After decades of working with coffee roasters and other companies in the industry, we’ve developed best-practices that allow us to serve all areas of your operation.

Between our multiple shops, cutting-edge equipment, and skillful team members, we are confident in our ability to design, manufacture, or repair any part of your coffee roaster.

Furthermore, our clients have also praised us for things like:


As we’ve covered before, we can do much more than design and manufacture your next coffee roaster. We can assist in the development of your coffee roasting process, produce the supporting accessories, and ensure that all your pieces of machinery are working at full capacity.


The price of our coffee roasters varies depending on their size, roasting mechanism, and other requirements. However, we always aim to provide fair and competitive prices. We’re able to provide the best prices in the industry because almost all of our processes are worked in-house, cutting the overhead costs for both us and our customers.

Custom Designs

There are some instances where no coffee roaster on the market is a perfect fit for your vision. In these cases, we can produce custom coffee roasters and accompanying accessories to ensure you get the exact specifications you need.


Manual and automated are the two most common types of coffee roaster controls. In addition to these, our team can also create dual-control machines that allow for automatic settings as well as manual input.


Coffee roasters can be made from cast iron, stainless steel, and other metal fabrication. Our team can design your roaster based on your specific instructions or help you identify the best material for your operation.


Contact Eckstrom and Start Get the Best Roasting Machine

Finding a coffee roaster for your operation is not an easy choice, especially if you have a specific vision in mind. At Eckstrom, we take the time to understand our customers’ goals and objectives in order to deliver the perfect piece of machinery.

To learn more about our services, contact us today and our team will be glad to help.

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