Everett Architectural Metalwork


Are you looking for architectural metalwork services in Everett WA? You’ve come to the right place. 

Eckstrom Industries is one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading fabrication companies and our talented crew delivers architectural metalwork for a wide variety of industries. Whether you need custom fabricated light fixtures, staircases, barstools, or any kind of construction part, we’ve got you covered. 

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Everett Architectural Metalwork


Architectural Metalwork Services in Everett

Eckstrom Industries’s metal fabrication specialists provide start to finish architectural metalwork services. This means we can start with nothing but your design and deliver a fully assembled and ready to sell product. 


Our Everett architectural metalwork services include: 

  • CNC metal cutting 
  • Sheet metal bending, rolling, and forming
  • Assembly and welding 
  • Metal product finishing and coating

Metal Projects That Need Architectural Metalwork

We partner with everyone, from major construction companies needing mass production to individual homeowners who only need a single part. These projects vary depending on the client, but the one thing that unites all architectural metalwork jobs is that they involve creating a metal part that will be used in a building’s design. This includes architectural elements like staircases and decorative parts like light fixtures. 

Our deep experience in fabricating metalwork for architectural applications means we understand the nuance and technicalities required to deliver superior custom architectural metal parts. So when you partner with us for fabrication, whether it’s for your business or for personal home applications, you can rest easy knowing that your architectural metalwork is in the hands of experts.


Architectural Metalwork Everett


The Advantages of Partnering With an Everett Custom Architectural Metalworks Shop

Partnering with a custom fabrication company ensures that you are able to have full creative liberty over your project. Our professional metalworks architects have worked with countless architectural creatives like you, so we know how to quickly adapt and optimize our fabrication processes to meet the unique needs of your project. 

Fabrication shops that aren’t specialized in architectural metal fabrication are more rigid and don’t understand the complexities and requirements of working with architectural metal projects. 


Other benefits of partnering with a custom Everett metal architectural shop include:

  • Speed. Because our custom shop has experience with architectural projects, we’re able to deliver your products faster than rival shops. 
  • Accurate quotes. Another advantage of experience is that we understand exactly what it takes to deliver an architectural metalwork project in Everett. This means our quotes are always fine-tuned and accurate.
  • Dependable. Our products are made from superior materials and are properly finished and coated to perform optimally in their architectural application.


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Since 1930, Eckstrom Industries has been working in metal fabrication. Our extensive years in the industry have enabled us to assemble state of the art equipment, the top talent in the region, and helped us develop specialized processes that ensure we get the job done right the first time, every time. 

To learn more about our architectural metalwork services in Everett or to request a free estimate, please contact our office today.


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