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Using blackened steel services can add a distinctive aesthetic finish to the metals in your home, business, or factory. Beyond an enhanced and satisfying appearance, blackened steel also helps to improve the durability of your pieces before installation. 


We at Eckstrom Industries are specialists in metal finishing and are proud to provide clients in Everett with blackened steel services. Through these years of experience, we have developed in-house techniques that ensure a quick and efficient turnaround without sacrificing quality.


If you have questions about our blackened steel services in Everett, or if you want to discuss a project with us, contact us today.


Blackened Steel Services everett


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What is Blackened Steel?

Put simply, blackened steel is metal that has been finished using a specific chemical compound. This process of blackening steel is mostly applied to Ferrous Metals such as Hot-Rolled Mild Steel. At Eckstrom Industries, we also perform a patina process that is ideal for Non-Ferrous Metals such as copper, bronze, and brass.


Advantages of Our Everett Blackened Steel Services


Blackened steel provides an array of fantastic benefits. These include:

1. Protection Against Corrosion

This makes blackened steel ideal for a variety of architectural projects. The protection is thanks to the chemical reaction that occurs in the metal as soon as it is introduced to the blackening compound used in the process of blackening steel.

2. Enhanced Appearance

Blackened steel has the benefit of looking more sophisticated and refined than unblackened steel. For this reason, blackened metal is a very popular choice. The process of blackening steel also has the added benefits of reducing light reflection and increasing heat resistance, meaning that blackened steel is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

3. Suitable for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Purposes

Because of its refined yet luxurious aesthetic, blackened steel is suitable for multiple applications. From railings to signs to decoration, we provide clients in Everett with blackened steel services to suit a variety of purposes.


Eckstrom Industries’ Steel Blackening Process

Our blackened steel services in Everett offer some unique advantages. Our team of experts is always happy to help you choose the best service for your project. Our chemical blackening process includes submerging the parts in a coating liquid after they have been mechanically polished.


Choosing Eckstrom Industries for your next project delivers many benefits, including:


  • Expertise with all types of metal and every kind of blackening process
  • Top-quality results for each and every project we undertake
  • Quick and reliable metal blackening
  • The capacity to take on all types of projects


Our Blackened Steel Services in Everett

With a vast amount of experience and training, as well as access to specialized equipment, we at Eckstrom Industries are able to handle projects of all sizes. If you are looking to have a custom piece created and finished with speed and efficiency, our team of metal manufacturing and steel blackening experts will be happy to meet your needs.


Contact Eckstrom today to request a free quote for your steel blackening project in Everett. 


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