Everett Industrial Fabricators


Are you looking for an industrial metal fabrication shop in Everett WA? You’ve come to the right place.

Eckstrom Industries is a leading industrial fabrication company in Everett. Our shop has been providing fabrication services since 1930 and our facility is equipped with state of the art fabrication equipment and talented fabrication specialists with decades of experience.

Whether you’re looking for construction, mechanical, military, or any other kind of industrial metal fabrication, we’ve got you covered.

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Everett Industrial Fabrication Services

Our facility is a start-to-finish fabrication shop, meaning that we can start with nothing but your design and deliver a fully completed product. If you only need help with a specific step in the fabrication process, like cutting or powder coating, then we can help you too.


Our industrial fabrication services in Everett include:


Powder Coating

Powder coating is a finishing technique that enables industrial metal parts to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Our powder coating not only delivers a more durable product but also helps industrial fabricated parts look sleek and stylish.


Blackened Steel

For companies looking for an urban, modern look, blackened steel finishing is a technique that protects your metal and helps it look great. We use black oxide for our blackening, which protects your parts from corrosion.


Industrial Fabrication for Food Production

The food industry is booming and we are proud to help growing food production companies improve their processes with our fabrication services. Whether you work in farming, dairy, agriculture, meat processing, or any other kind of food industry, our superior industrial fabrication in Everett will help you get the parts you need.


Transportation Industry Fabrication

Whether you build new vehicles, provide auto repair services, or build train lines, Eckstrom Industries is standing by, ready to help you grow your business through our quality industrial fabrication.


Industrial Fabrication for Construction

Do you need helping fabricating parts for your construction company or home improvement project? Look no further. Eckstrom Industries has spent decades providing Everett residents and construction companies with dependable, quality industrial fabrication services.


Technology Fabrication Services

Our metal fabrication experts use specialized equipment to quickly fabricate intricate parts for the technology industry. We understand that your tech company requires superior parts to help you run efficiently and optimally, which is why we take pride in providing quality fabrication services to Everett’s tech industry.


Partner With a Dependable Industrial Fabrication Company in Everett

Eckstrom Industries has spent decades investing in the technology, equipment, and talent necessary to rise as one of Washington State’s leading fabrication companies.

To learn more about what we can do for your industrial company, contact our office today and request a free fabrication estimate.