Everett Metal Finishing


Working with a dependable Everett metal finishing shop ensures that your metal parts look great and are equipped to stand the test of time. Metal finishing increases the value of your product by making it look great and also enables it to withstand handling and environmental conditions. 

If you are looking for metal finishing in Everett, then you’ve come to the right place. At Eckstrom Industries, we’ve spent decades developing specialized finishing processes to ensure that your product is treated with the optimal finish and highest quality coatings. 

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Metal Finishing Everett

Everett Metal Finishing Services

Eckstrom Industries’s specialists offer a diverse range of metal finishing services in Everett, so you can be sure to find the exact coating or finish you’re looking for at our shop. 

Our roster of finishing services includes, but aren’t limited to: 

Our metal shop services don’t stop at finishing. If you’re looking for a contractor to help you with other metal fabrication services, our specialists can also supply you with those. This is because our shop is a start to finish fabrication facility. So whether you need help in metal cutting, forming, assembling, welding, or finishing, Eckstrom Industries has you covered. 

To learn more about our suite of metal fabrication services, please contact our Everett office today or browse the services pages on our website.

Benefits of Metal Finishing


Having your parts treated by an experienced Everett metal finishing company provides your products with a number of robust benefits. These benefits will help you deliver better products to your customers and increase customer satisfaction as your products will last a long time. 

Metal finishing helps your product look high-quality 

No matter what sort of metal product you’re fabricating, a metal finish will help it look great and sell even better. Do you manufacture kitchen products? Then a brushed steel finish or shiny coating will help your products look pristine and superior. Or are you creating metal parts for interior design? Then your customers will fall in love with our hot blackening and powder coating finishes. 

Metal finishing improves product durability 

If your products will be exposed to weather or will be handled frequently by hands, then it’s crucial that you invest in a durable coating to improve the longevity of your products. A quality coating will help your parts resist corrosion, scratches, tarnishing, and other physical defects.

Partner With a Dependable Metal Finishing Company in Everett WA

The finishing specialists here at Eckstrom Industries are committed to impeccable customer service and superior workmanship. We value open and honest communication with our customers and ensure that we always meet our deadlines. 

To learn more about our metal finishing services in Everett or to request a quote for your project, please give us a call today.

What you get from Eckstrom Industries is a finished product that is guaranteed to be beautiful, strong, and durable. We work hard to complete our work quickly and in a cost-effective manner, without ever sacrificing quality for speed.

To enquire about a customized quote, or to ask any questions about our metal finishing services, give Eckstrom Industries a call today and we will be happy to help you.