Why is it important to have quality welding and fabrication services?

If you are new to working with welding and fabrication shops and want quality services but are unsure how to select the best shop for your needs, this article is for you.

In order to understand the importance of professional welding and fabrication services, Eckstrom Industries will first go over how quality work will benefit you.

The Benefits of Quality Welding & Fabrication Include

Using a reputable shop to meet your welding and fabrication needs with high-quality services will benefit you in the long run. Here are three important ways that professional welding and fabrication services immediately benefit your company:

Product Longevity

The quality of your welds help your company save on costs as a quality fabricated product will last much longer than one rapidly or poorly fabricated. Products that are made with quality welders and fabrication techniques will last much longer than those cheaply manufactured. The test of time is one of the most reliable ways to measure quality welds and fabrication.

Product Durability

Another benefit of using a quality welding and fabrication shop is that product durability is increased. You want your products or parts to be known for their durability, and the only way to ensure that you have the most durable product is to ensure that the shop you choose for welding and fabricating is a trusted, quality shop.

Improve Your Company’s Reputation

Company reputation, spread by word of mouth, is one of the primary ways that companies acquire new business. In order to make sure that everything that is said online and otherwise about your company is favorable, you need to take care to only sell quality products that have been fabricated and welded by experienced shops.

Your company will become known for the quality of your products or parts, which in turn will boost business for you and establish you as a trusted company in your field.

Weld Faults That Damage the Quality Products

Working with a welding or fabrication shop that doesn’t produce quality welds could result in your product having a number of issues. Weld or fabrication faults will result in unsatisfied customers, flimsy products, and a bad reputation in your field.

Here are common weld faults that will damage your products, parts, and reputation.

Lack of Fusion

This happens when layers of metal are improperly or incorrectly fused together and will result in a defective product.

Incomplete Penetration

This weld fault occurs when you have a product where two components are not incompletely fused together at the joint. When this weld fault happens, your product may break apart due to not being fused together properly.


Another weld fault, porosity is defined by pockets within the product or part that are empty and do not contain any solid material. Products or parts that are made at a quality welding and fabrication shop will not have this weld fault.

The Importance of Quality Control & Weld Testing

Quality welding and fabrication shops understand the importance of quality control and perform quality tests to ensure the products that are leaving their shop are made with care and attention. Here are some of the tests that are performed at fabrication shops to ensure weld quality.

Visual Weld or Fabrication Inspection

It’s important to work with a welding and fabrication shop that performs visual weld inspections. During a visual weld inspection, companies will inspect materials before beginning the weld, continuously test the quality of the weld and materials throughout the welding, inspect the final product when the weld is completed, and fix any issues that the final product might have.

The visual inspection that happens during the welding process usually includes checking for craters that would need filling (to avoid porosity), inspecting weld passes, look out for faults that might make the product likely to crack in the future.

Visual inspection of the finished welded product will usually involve welders checking to make sure that the common weld faults are not present in the weld, checking the finish and contour, verifying that the product size matches that of the prints, and checking to ensure that the weld is aligned with welding standards.

Routine Equipment Inspection

Quality welding and fabrication shops will also perform a routine equipment inspection to look for potential issues. Inspections include checking for damaged cables, checking arc voltage, and checking amperage meters.

How to Identify a Quality Welding & Fabrication Shop

Quality welding and fabrication services will produce products that don’t fail, have a strong reputation, and a good fail-proof process. Ask potential welding services about their welding process. Quality welding shops will usually have a detailed process either with welding, fabrication, or inspection that they are happy to tell you about.

Talking with potential welding and fabrication shops will give you a sense of whether they really care about what they do and the quality of their work.

Call a Reliable Quality Welding & Fabrication Shop Near You

If you are in search of a quality welding and fabrication shop in the Everett area, look no further! Eckstrom Industries was founded in 1930 and has been servicing the greater Seattle area since.

Eckstrom Industries is a local family business that has been passed down four generations and is committed to delivering quality welds and fabrication services. We run our shop with quality and our clients in mind and ensure that no welded products leaving our shop are anything but impeccable.

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