Seattle Metal Fabrication Services


Eckstrom Industries Inc. is proud to be one of the top custom metal fabrication shops in Seattle. We opened our doors more than 80 years ago and we’ve specialized in producing custom metal parts for homes, businesses, and industrial applications. Our team is committed to delivering excellent services, comprehensive support, and unmatched quality to every customer, so no job is too big or too small.

Eckstrom Indudstries’ technicians, designers, and engineers at our Seattle metal fabrication shop have decades of combined experience, as well as the skills and machinery needed to produce the best results. Our innovative equipment and extensive knowledge allow us to produce parts from a variety of materials without compromising quality or accuracy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small company looking for a specific metal piece or a large conglomerate that needs production line support, at Eckstrom Industries our team of Seattle metal fabrication experts will be glad to help.

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of creating a metal part or structure by bending, cutting, shaping, casting, forging, and assembling raw metal. This process is crucial for the development of products that we use every day or play a vital role in our daily lives.

From a company’s perspective, it’s crucial to choose a metal fabricator that produces reliable parts. All metal parts and accessories created through fabrication need to be safe, regardless if it’s used in a house, business, or factory. This is the reason why we specialize in quality metal fabrication for all purposes, because we understand the importance of delivering quality parts to our customers.

At Eckstrom Industries, we have multiple facilities that allow us to handle jobs of all sizes. If you’re looking for a Seattle metal fabrication shop that’s fast, reliable, and has the capacity to create all types of parts, contact us today and our team will be glad to help.

Our Metal Fabrication Services in Seattle

Eckstrom Industries specializes in providing precision metal fabrication in Seattle and surrounding areas. Our custom metal fabricators can produce a wide array of parts from different materials with extreme accuracy, ensuring their performance, safety, and durability. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and aim to meet or exceed the expectations of every client.

Our metal fabrication services include:

Powder Coating

Powder coats can help improve durability, corrosion resistance, and the appearance of a finished piece. Our Seattle metal fabrication shop can powder coat different types of metal with a variety of coating materials and cure them in our industrial ovens. Businesses looking for a Seattle metal fabrication company can get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to discuss their next project.

Blackened Steel

Steel blackening is one of the hottest trends in the world of interior design and metal fabrication as a whole. Blackened steel has mild resistance to corrosion, can improve durability, and provides a unique appearance that makes it ideal of all settings. We provide a full range of steel blackening solutions as part of our metal fabrication services, so contact us today if you want to use this type of finish in your next project.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication, which is also known as industrial fabrication, is a common process used in a wide variety of fields. Our team of engineers, designers, and technicians have the tools as well as the knowledge to produce a huge variety of parts for automotive, construction, and other types of companies. If you’re looking for a Seattle metal fabrication shop with modern custom fabrication capacities, contact Eckstrom Industries and we’ll be glad to help.

Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending is known by many names and it allows for the creation of many different products used on a daily basis. We only use the best materials in our custom metal fabrication shop and we consider durability, springback, and other variants when producing parts for our clients. Contact Eckstrom Industries today if you’re looking for a Seattle metal fabrication shop for your next bending project.

Stainless Steel Fabricators

Stainless steel is visually appealing, resistant to rusting, and versatile, so it’s one of the most popular materials available today. That said, the fabrication contractor you choose will directly affect the quality of the stainless pieces you receive.

Eckstrom has been working with stainless steel since we first opened our doors more than 80 years ago, so we have extensive experience working with this metal. Our stainless steel fabrication shop can produce quality parts for all types of projects, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Metal Finishing

Different finishings can improve durability, offer corrosion resistance, and improve the appearance of your products, but it can also add to your manufacturing time. We’re a full-stack custom metal fabricator, so we can implement metal finishing as part of the production process to reduce time and costs while creating quality results.

Plasma Cutting

The cutting capacities of a precision metal fabricator will help you determine the company’s expertise level. Physical cutting techniques are suitable for some projects, but they generally provide poor results when it comes to producing smooth finishes and intricate parts.

Plasma cutting is an ideal solution that allows us to produce small, intricate pieces that don’t require as much finishing, if any. Cutting via plasma offers laser-like precision and it’s suitable for all types of projects. If you need a precision metal fabricator with plasma cutting capacities, contact Eckstrom Industries today.

Quality Metal Fabrication is What We Do

The best way to ensure quality parts is to work with a reliable Seattle metal fabrication shop. Our team of custom fabrication experts can help you bring your vision to life and support your project from design to assembly.

Eckstrom Industries is a family-owned business founded more than 80 years ago and we’ve been committed to delivering quality results since the day we opened. To learn more about our company or our metal fabrication process, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.

Learn More About Eckstrom’s Seattle Metal Fabrication Shop

Companies looking for a reliable metal fabricator in Seattle can rely on Eckstrom Industries for their next project. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate team of metal fabrication experts, our team will be glad to help. Contact us today!