Sheet Metal Bending Bellevue


Are you looking for a quality sheet metal bender in Bellevue? You’ve come to the experts.


Effective sheet metal bending requires strong bending tools and years of experience and here at Eckstrom Industries, we combine technology and expertise to deliver superior bending sheet metal services in Bellevue.


Whether you’re a homeowner, small business, or large corporation, our sheet metal benders have what it takes to get the job done right the first time, every time.


Contact us today to request a custom estimate for your sheet metal bending project or continue reading to learn more about our Bellevue bending metal sheet services.

Sheet Metal Bending Bellevue

Dependable Sheet Metal Bending in Bellevue

We consistently invest in the technology and training necessary to keep our bending processes cutting edge. Our robust press brakes can process a wide variety of materials and can produce almost any kind of bend. So whether you need a complex metal part with over a dozen bends or a simple 50-degree angle, our technicians will get the job done quickly and to our premium quality standards.


To give you an idea of our capabilities, here are some of our most popular Bellevue sheet metal bending services:

Manual Bending

While most of our metal bending is done using press brakes, our experienced Bellevue sheet metal benders can also effectively bend by hand. This custom metal bending service is sometimes necessary for small products requiring extremely precise bends.

Roll Bending

Our rollers can quickly turn sheet metal into tubes and cone-shaped pieces. If you’re looking for a Bellevue sheet metal bending shop that can deliver quality radius bends, then take advantage of this service.


We also use punch and die machines to form tight v-bends. Our sheet metal v-bending service can create a variety of bends, including air bending, coining, and bottoming.

The Advantage of Partnering With Our Bellevue Sheet Metal Bending Shop

If your project requires more than metal bending, then you’ll appreciate our spectrum of metal fab services. This is because Eckstrom Industries is a start-to-finish sheet metal fabrication shop.


As your local one-stop metal fab shop, we can help you with cutting, assembly, finishing, and all the other steps in the sheet metal fabrication process. Simply drop off your design and we’ll take it from there, turning your concept into a fully realized, turn-key part or product.


Having our shop handle the entire process for you reduces production time and manufacturing costs. So if you’re looking for sheet metal benders in Bellevue that can also help with other aspects of your metalworking project, then contact our office today.

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Partnering with Eckstrom Industries ensures you receive superior sheet metal bending service, delivered with top-tier craftsmanship, high integrity, and friendly customer service. Our team is committed to flawless fabrication, professional communication, and on-time delivery.


If you are passionate about quality metalwork and hope to partner with Bellevue sheet metal benders you can trust, then contact Eckstrom Industries today. No matter where you are in your sheet metal fab project, our metal bending specialists would be happy to take on your project.