Sheet Metal Bending Seattle


Looking for a reliable sheet metal bending service in Seattle? At Eckstrom Industries, we are proud to provide our customers with pristine metal bending services that help them bring their product ideas to life. 

To learn more about our dependable sheet metal bending services in Seattle, please read this page or contact our office today. Our bending specialists would be happy to give you a custom estimate for your project. 


seattle sheet metal bending

Our Seattle Sheet Metal Bending Services

At Eckstrom Industries, we have a skilled team and a shop armed with state of the art sheet metal bending equipment. Our highly-trained metal benders and roster of equipment enable our Seattle team to complete a wide variety of sheet metal bending projects. 

Here are some of the sheet metal bending services offered at our Seattle shop:

Seattle Roll Bending Services

Roll bending can be used to form cylindrical or cone-shaped products. The sheet metal passes through the machine slowly several times in order to achieve its final, round form. 

If you would like to learn more about how our Seattle sheet metal bending shop can help you with your project, give Eckstrom Industries a call. Our sheet metal benders would be happy to discuss your project with you and point you towards the best technique of metal bending for your needs.

Seattle Manual Bending Services

Projects requiring manual bending services are some of the most complex and time-consuming. If a metal bending machine won’t be able to accomplish the type of bend that you need, you will need a manual metal bender to get the job completed. 

At Eckstrom Industries in Seattle, we have a skilled team of metal benders that is able to help with any manual bends your project needs. Give our Seattle metal bending shop a call today to discuss your project with our team.

Seattle V-Bending Services

V-bending is an umbrella term of sorts in the metal bending world. Under the umbrella of v-bending, you have air bending, coining, and bottoming. V-bending uses punch and die equipment to form the desired sheet metal bend. 

To learn more about the v-bending capabilities at our Seattle sheet metal bending shop, give Eckstrom Industries a call today.

Benefits of Working With a Seattle Sheet Metal Bending Shop

Our sheet metal bending specialists are committed to quality and precision and our facilities are equipped with the technology necessary to perform the highest quality of bends. This ensures that we complete your projects quickly, cutting down on costs and always delivering by your due-by date. 

Even better, Eckstrom Industries is a start-to-finish metal fabrication company. From metal cutting to bending, welding to metal finishing, we have the tools and talent needed to complete every step in the fabrication process. If you require additional fabrication services, partnering with us reduces your costs even further, as we can provide all your metal fab needs under one roof. 

Seattle Industries We Serve

We are proud to be able to serve a range of Seattle industries with our metal bending services. Our skilled metal benders take care of commercial and household projects alike. Our Seattle sheet metal bending shop has worked with agriculture, defense, and medical companies to produce quality equipment and products.

Contact a Trusted Seattle Sheet Metal Bending Shop 

By hiring a professional sheet metal bending service, you are ensuring that your project meets your high standards and lasts for years to come. 

At Eckstrom Industries in Seattle, we prioritize the vision and needs of our customers. We are proud to offer quality metal bending services to Seattle companies and want to help you bring your products to life with quality metal bending. 

Contact our bending specialists today to learn more about our metal bending services in Seattle or to request a custom estimate for your project.