The sheet metal industry has played an integral part of the development of civilization, allowing for the building of structures and machines that help revolutionize the things that can be accomplished. At a very primitive state, sheet metal working started through the cold use of metals present in nature like gold and silver. Once the possibility of melting came into realization, bronze, copper and most recently steel were introduced into the industry. However once steel began to be utilized as a major resource, all of the other materials fell to the wayside.

Rolling Press By Leonardo da VinciThe next obstacle was finding a way to create a uniform sheet that would be able to be modified into the structures that we commonly see today. This presented to creation of the rolling mill, which dates all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci in 1480. Using this rolling pin, passing a material through two cylindrical rollers, a thinner material could be created making the possibilities of fabrication much greater.

With time sheet metal fabrication began to take greater strides implementing various rolling, cutting and forming techniques again making the lengths of what could be created much greater. Which leads to present day, and the outstanding things that can be created through the fabrication of sheet metal, representing more a classical work of art than the normal building blocks society may classify the industry.