Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures using processes like cutting, bending and various forms of assembly. It is a procedure that involves the construction of all types of machines and structures depending on the project presented. These tasks normally start with shop drawings provided by a customer that include specific details on what needs to be accomplished and the precise measurements on how they would like it to be completed.


Some of the processes that are used to complete these projects are:

  1. Cutting: which is done by shearing, sawing, torching, burning and water jet technology.
  2. Bending: using press brakes, hammering and similar tools to manipulate a raw material into conforming to the set specifications.
  3. Assembling: or joining raw materials together. This is done through many processes including welding, riveting, and the use of various fasteners and even crimping the material.


A variety of materials are used in the practice of sheet metal fabrication with the majority of work being created from:

  1. Structural steel
  2. Plate metal
  3. Expanded metal
  4. Casting
  5. Welding wire/rod

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